Jewish Life at Williams

The Williams College Jewish Association

Our website is under construction! The updated Jewish Life website will launch in August 2014!

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Welcome to the Williams College Jewish Association!

We are a student run campus organization providing for Jewish students on campus. We hope you will find our website useful and informative. Some quick information in included below, and you can find more info through the tabs on the left.

Are you a Hillel?

We are a Hillel-affiliated campus organization, through Hillel’s Soref initiative. At Williams, we don’t use the Hillel “brand name.” We stick with Williams College Jewish Association, WCJA [wick-djuh]

How many Jewish students are there at Williams?

Who knows? Approximately 225, that’s just over 10% of the 2000 undergraduates. To get to know us better, see our Facebook page (here)

What is the JRC?

The Jewish Religious Center is a place for the Jewish community at Williams College to come together for religious observances and social events. It is located on Stetson Court (across the street from the Admissions office). Although we welcome members of the greater community to our services and events, the Jewish Religious Center is a space designed to serve the needs of Jewish students at Williams College.

What is Shabbat like at Williams?

Every Friday, students gather to cook Shabbat dinner. There are student-led services each week. We welcome the Williams community to our home-cooked Shabbat dinner where we typically serve 80-120 people each week.

Is there kosher food on campus?

Yes. The JRC kitchen is a kosher kitchen held to an O-U standard under the supervision of the Jewish Chaplain. Meals are prepared there to stock the “Kosher/Hallal Corner” in Mission dining hall. Also, weekly Shabbat dinners are prepared in the kitchen by students trained in kashrut. The kitchen is also available for more regular use to those who would like to do so.

What happens on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Passover?

We have student-led services for two days of Rosh Hashana as well as Yom Kippur. On Passover, we host seders on each of the first two nights. Our kitchen at the JRC is kashered for Passover and many students cook all their meals there over the course of the holiday. Also, “Passover friendly food” is available in all the dining halls for that week.