The Williams College Jewish Association

We are a student-run campus organization providing for Jewish students on campus. The organization is open to anybody who identifies as Jewish, either culturally or religiously, or anybody else interested in partaking in Jewish festivities and celebrations.

The Jewish Association is the central planning organization for Jewish religious observances, social events, and tzedek projects for the Williams College community. Our primary goal is to create a strong, welcoming Jewish community on the Williams campus.

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Check out this article by Miranda Cooper ’17 to learn what Jewish life is like at a small liberal arts college.

For any questions, please reach out to one of our WCJA Presidents Ariella Scheer ’26 ([email protected]), Noah Cape ([email protected]), Rachel Schmidt ’25 ([email protected]), Emily Axelrod ’25 ([email protected]), and Emma Nathanson ’25 ([email protected]), or Rabbi Seth Wax ([email protected]), the Jewish Chaplain.