Under the Kippah • Thoughts from the Jewish Chaplain

Welcome to the “Under the Kippah” blog, featuring posts from the Jewish chaplain to Williams College.

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Ferguson and Gaza

As you’re packing to head back to bucolic Williamstown for the start of classes next week, I thought this would be a good time to articulate what might on many of our minds, as our individual thoughts are about to merge with the Williams community. Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson,… Continue reading »

Imagining Peace

[This op-ed was originally published in The Berkshire Eagle on August 6, 2014.] The front page news from Gaza feels like an assault on our humane sensibilities.  The mounting death tolls of soldiers and civilians leaves me feeling sickened.  I’ve just returned from three weeks in Israel, where I’ve… Continue reading »

Tisha B’av: Remember Jerusalem

Chaverim: Tonight begins the observance of Tisha B’av, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, a day on which, according to tradition, the First and Second Temples were destroyed, in 586 b.c.e, and 70 c.e.  It’s not such a well-known holiday.  Why do we have a sad observance in the… Continue reading »

Shalom from Jerusalem

Shalom Chaverim, After about three weeks in Jerusalem, I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you.  I came to Israel this summer as a fellow of the Shalom Hartman Institute, studying along with a number of Hillel colleagues about Jewish peoplehood and our engagement with Israel. … Continue reading »