Shana Tova: A Good New Year

Chaverim (Friends):

A High Holy Days midrash tells of a prince who runs away after an argument with his parents. After many years, scouts of the anguished king and queen find their son, now a peasant in a far corner of the kingdom.  He says that he has forgotten how to be a prince, and lacks the strength to even try and make the journey home. The king and queen send a message, “Come as far as you can, and we will meet you.” At this time of year we remember that there are forces from within and without that come together to help us reach seemingly impossible goals, when we do what we can.  Know that The One is near to you, and with you, as you climb higher.

The New Year is a time to set great goals.  The coincidence of Rosh Hashana with the start of the school year is compelling.  Even as we’re reaching high for academic goals, we can reach high for compassion and hope.  As we compute how many more courses we’ll need for a double major, we can count how many new friends we’ve made this year.  And as we count how many pages we’ve written toward that 10 page essay, we can count how many family members we’ve called this week to wish a Shana Tova, and remind our friends and family that we love them.

May the goals we set for ourselves incorporate those who are dear to us, and may we feel God’s presence in our lives as a blessing.

Wishing you sweetness and joy in the year 5775.

Cantor Bob